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A few years ago, the Garden Railroad bug bit. Not having a garden to build in is a bit of a hindrance. But there was no disputing the look of a large scale train.

The Central Iowa narrow gauge is also a fictitious railroad, this time loosely based upon the Eastern Iowa 3 foot narrow gauge railroads. The best known example is the Milwaukee Road's Bellvue and Cascade ``Slim Princess''. (How we're going to justify a Shay is still open to question, but.. :-)

The hypothetical route of the Central Iowa narrow gauge is undefined, other than to go around the back yard. It is located in the general region of eastern Iowa, likely around Iowa City.

The era of the Central Iowa narrow gauge is the late 1930's, 1940's, and perhaps the early 1950's. Steam is the dominate motive power.

Right now, most of the equipment is either in boxes, or on display in various portions of the office and home. Additions are always being made. The actual railroad will have to wait until there is a back yard to build it in.

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