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The Central Iowa is a fictitious railroad loosely based upon the Rock Island railroad, as well as the Iowa Central railroad.

The hypothetical route of the Central Iowa is pretty much that of the Rock Island's Chicago to Omaha main line and Twin Cities to Kansas City ``Spine Line''.

In reality, those routes are now operated by the Iowa Interstate and the Union Pacific, respectively.

The era for the Central Iowa is the modern one, although it may end up set in the 1970's, since a lot of equipment for that era is already in the collection (not to mention a fondness for the Milwaukee Road and the Rock Island.)

Right now, nearly all of the models are in boxes, awaiting a house for the layout. But additions to the collection are always being made. And literature is always being gleaned for new ideas.

A module has been under construction at different times, with the theme of a railroad operated equipment museum, or a off line rebuilder (it flip flops periodically).

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