The Charters for groups in the dfw hierarchy

The following groups in the dfw hierarchy have charters:

The following newsgroups have either incomplete or non-existent charters. Assistance would be appreciated in fleshing these out. (Templates are available at the following links: formatted html and raw html)

All the dfw.* groups have the same article format/posting guidelines. They are also included below.

Article Format

  1. Articles posted to any D/FW regional newsgroup MUST be flat-ASCII. This means:
    1. No Binary postings, uuencoded or base64.
    2. No MIME encoded messages. Posts SHOULD be readable by the simplest text-only newsreader.
    3. No HTML, although HTML-like emoticons are acceptable.
    4. No characters with a value greater than 127 in any part of the post.

  2. Posts SHOULD be shorter than 30K in size. Longer items SHOULD be made available for FTP or HTTP download and a pointer to that file posted.

  3. Posts MUST contain a valid From address, unless the ".invalid" domain is used (see RFC 1036). Spam blocks are acceptable. By definition USENET newsgroups are a broadcast medium. If you have a post that needs to be anonymous, it is not a valid topic for a D/FW regional newsgroup. Post this material elsewhere.

  4. ROT13 encoding SHOULD NOT be used on any field in the headers. Nor should any attempts, except minimal spam blocks, be made to obscure the origins of the posting.

  5. Posts MUST contain a "Abuse-Reports-To:" or "X-Complaints-To:" header with a valid email address. When RFC1036 is updated, this line SHOULD be adjusted to comply with the latest specifications. Adding or replacing this header is the responsibility of the news server where the article was injected.

Failing to follow the above formatting requirements could result in an article being canceled instantly and without warning by an authorized moderation device (human or otherwise) for the group in question.

Group Charters:
This group for the posting of job listings in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. All jobs listed in this group should be in the Dallas/Ft Worth/ North Texas area.

Posting of jobs outside the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas, USA area are distinctly off topic, and may be cancelled.

UUCP/News system statistics in Dallas/Fort Worth.

This is not a charter, it is a simple restatement of the group description.

dfw.usenet.config is for the discussion of USENET connectivity and configuration in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Major topics of discussion included connectivity, and group creation/deletion.

The group creation process is outlined in the dfw group creation web page.

Dining in Dallas/Fort Worth.

This is not a charter, it is a simple restatement of the group description.

Political discussion in and about the Dallas/Ft Worth region.

This is not a charter, it is a simple restatement of the group description.

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