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Things forsale in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Area {local only}


Area of Coverage of

This newsgroup is for non-commercial advertisements of goods and services for sale exclusively in the Dallas / Ft. Worth and surrounding Areas. is an unmoderated newsgroup.

Intended Use of

  1. Articles posted in should be one-time announcements, not recurring advertisements. Recurring ads should be on web pages then make a one-time announcement about the location of the page.

  2. Items for sale may be posted once every 2 weeks (14 days),under the following guidelines.

    1. While it remains unsold, as long as the re-posting is temporary And no post is posted more then once every 14 days.

    2. If the item becomes sold, or the price changes, please post a follow up stating the fact and such changes may be posted within the 14 day time frame. These *reposts* for price changes should be of a significant change. Obvious attempts to post duplicate items within the posting guidelines could result in an article being canceled instantly and without warning by an authorized moderation device (human or otherwise) for the group. If your newsreader supports canceling your posts, please consider doing such after the item is sold or making changes to your posts.

  3. Non commercial postings only. is restricted to individuals ads. This is not a commercial newsgroup. Commercial includes by definition but not limited to:
    1. Home based business such as Amway distribution.
    2. Weekly garage sales.
    3. Repeated going out of business sales.
    4. Repetitive selling of the same items, leading to believe you have a never ending supply from a distribution source.
    5. Store Sales, large and small including home based computer sales.
    6. Any item offered for sale for which sales tax will be collected.

  4. This is a forsale newsgroup, and discussion is not allowed other then requesting information for a product. It is suggested a valid email address be posted for contact information.

  5. Binaries. This is not a binaries group. Do not post executable, sound files, image files, etc. in

  6. Posts of the following are allowed and should contain in the Subject line the following designations as to the type of post with a full description of what your requesting or selling to allow for filtering of unwanted messages.
    1. (FS) For Sale
    2. (WTT) Want to Trade
    3. (WTB) Want to Buy/Purchase
    4. (FF) For Free
    5. (FA) For Auction
      Local Auction announcements only for the dfw Area. Items available at an Auction, or Auction announcements. Links to Commercial Auction sites are not permitted. No Public Auctions shall be held in this newsgroup.

Topics inappropriate for in

The following types of net abuse are severe wastes of bandwidth. As many smaller sites are connected via slow dial-up links, and may by paying per-minute charges, this charter allows for the on-sight cancellation of any of the following abuses:

  1. "Make Money Fast" (MMF) chain letters and pyramid/Ponzi schemes. Such schemes are Federal felonies. On Usenet, promoting waste of bandwidth is the equivalent of a crime because the system would break down if such activity was left unchecked.

  2. Binaries, such as uuencoding or MIME base 64.

  3. MIME/HTML posts, and in particular any posting using a content- encoding other than 7bit, 8bit, or quoted-printable. Most users reading Usenet do not use a Web browser, and HTML is difficult or impossible to read to interpret the content. Some posters who post HTML also include a plain text version of the message.This is redundant and wasteful. Please save HTML for the Web.

  4. "spew", the reposting of old articles with new Message-ID's.

  5. "test" messages, Please post these to a test newsgroup.

  6. Excessively multiple-posted articles.

  7. Articles cross-posted to other regional newsgroups outside the dfw list.

  8. Articles that do not have particular relevance to the D/FW Metro Area.

  9. Commercial ads, posts, or advertisements, including URL links to such.

  10. Flaming, Harassing, or otherwise causing undo discussions in the group.

This charter permits the dfw.* Usenet News Administrators to cancel any article posted in the newsgroup which does not have particular relevance to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area, or is in violation of a relevant dfw.* charter. Any D/FW Metro area resident may send e-mail to the posters news administrators for charter violations.

Article Format

  1. Articles posted to MUST be flat-ASCII. This means:
    1. No Binary postings, uuencoded or base64.
    2. No MIME encoded messages. Posts SHOULD be readable by the simplest text-only newsreader.
    3. No HTML, although HTML-like emoticons are acceptable.
    4. No characters with a value greater than 127 in any part of the post.

  2. Posts SHOULD be shorter than 30K in size. Longer items SHOULD be made available for FTP or HTTP download and a pointer to that file posted.

  3. Posts MUST contain a valid From address, unless the ".invalid" domain is used (see RFC 1036). Spam blocks are acceptable. By definition USENET newsgroups are a broadcast medium. If you have a post that needs to be anonymous, it is not a valid topic for Post this material elsewhere.

  4. ROT13 encoding SHOULD NOT be used on any field in the headers. Nor should any attempts, except minimal spam blocks, be made to obscure the origins of the posting.

  5. Posts MUST contain a "Abuse-Reports-To:" or "X-Complaints-To:" header with a valid email address. When RFC1036 is updated, this line SHOULD be adjusted to comply with the latest specifications. Adding or replacing this header is the responsibility of the news server where the article was injected.

Failing to follow the above formatting requirements could result in an article being canceled instantly and without warning by an authorized moderation device (human or otherwise) for the group in question. Articles cross-posted to other groups and must still follow the criteria of and be subject to these rules.

Ending Statement.

Questions can be posted to the group if you are just unsure and want to know before doing something.

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