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Regional newsgroups exist at the pleasure of the people within that region. The people who created those newsgroups get to define precisely how those groups should be used. Most regions welcome outsiders as guests, and all good visitors know they are expected to follow the house rules.

This database helps people discover what those rules are. If you wish to participate in a regional newsgroup, you are expected to know those rules beforehand. You are expected to follow those rules. As they say, ignorance is no excuse.

A primary objective of this project is to battle the growing abuse of regional newsgroups. In the old days, we could depend upon the good graces of people to use these groups properly. That, sadly, no longer is realistic. As the noise and trash levels of Usenet-proper increase, spammers, mass-advertisers, and other vermin are attacking regional groups in greater numbers -- particularly forsale and jobs groups. I think formal charters and guidelines are the first step required to stem this abuse. Good guidelines, however, are not easy things to write. I hope this database will be a resource to make that job easier.

For more information on the topic of net.abuse, I'd recommend The Net Abuse FAQ.

Thanks to Chip Rosenthal and the Regional Newsgroups Information Center for the above text.

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