Sample Statement of Work -- Hourly

This Statement of Work ("SOA") is made in Plano, Texas between Central Iowa (Model) Railroad, having its principal place of business at P.O.Box 868013, Plano, Texas 75086 ("CIRR") and client ("Client") on this date. The parties agree as follows:

  1. Terms:

    CIRR is retained by Client for a term of period, commencing on date, and ending on date, unless terminated sooner pursuant to the terms of paragraph 8 of the CIRR general consulting agreement. CIRR project/work direction shall be provided by name, of Clients technical staff.

  2. Duties:

    CIRR shall provide consulting services to Client related to software engineering services and such other duties as determined by CIRR and Client from time to time. Work will be performed in CIRR or Client's offices unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties. CIRR shall fully comply with all policies, procedures, and directives of Client.

  3. Compensation:

    Client agrees to play CIRR according to section 3 of the Consulting Agreement as full compensation for services to Client at the hourly rate of rate for up to forty (40) hours worked each week. A rate of time-and-a-half (1.5 x rate) will be paid for hours over forty (40). Client will pay such compensation to CIRR on a monthly basis. Time-sheets will be presented for approval on a regular, agreed basis.

  4. Work Assignments:

    CIRR understands and agrees that Client is not obligated to request any services or assistance other than those contained in this agreement.

    Direction on work assignments shall be provided by name, a member of Clients technical staff.

  5. Time Records:

    CIRR shall maintain and make available to Client at reasonable times, detailed records itemized as to the time devoted to tasks for Client.

    Detail level of time records to be determined by agreement of CIRR and Client. Time records will be submitted for approval to name on a regular basis for approval.

  6. Acknowledgment Terms:



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