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Software Development Services

Software Development Services

Eric Schnoebelen, the principal of Central Iowa (Model) Railroad has been doing software development on UNIX (and other) systems since 1985.

Eric has developed software on VMS, HP-UX, ConvexOS, SunOS, Solaris, Interactive UNIX, System V releases 2, 3 and 4, Xenix, Linux, IRIX, FreeBSD and NetBSD. He has done OS product/component development that has shipped with HP-UX and ConvexOS. Eric's complete resumé can be found here.

CIRR does either project based or time and materials based development.

In project based development, the customer provides a Statement of Work, outlining the work desired, and CIRR returns to you a quotation for doing that work. The quotation, if agreed to, is all will be paid to get that project completed (as specified in the statement of work.)

In time and materials based development, you hire CIRR for some number of days/weeks/months, and CIRR bills on an hourly basis for the work performed. Standard hourly rates for various duration contracts are below. (these assume work in/from the Dallas, TX, US area.)

Of course, all rates are subject to negotiation.

Duration Hourly Rate US$
less than 3 weeks $150.00
3 - 6 weeks $125.00
6 to 12 weeks $110.00
12 weeks to 6 months $95.00
greater than 6 months $70.00

To request a quotation on a development project, please send email to or send a letter to:

Central Iowa (Model) Railroad
P.O.Box 868013
Plano, TX 75086 US

Requests may also be FAXed to 972.881.8331. Please email to let us know a FAX is en route.

Our standard consulting agreement can be found here.
A sample hourly/time and materials Statement of Work can be found here.
A sample Project Statement of Work can be found here.

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