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2.9.1 cu Description

cu [options] [system | phone | "dir"]

The cu program is used to call up another system and act as a dial in terminal. It can also do simple file transfers with no error checking.

The cu program takes a single non-option argument.

If the argument is the string `dir' cu will make a direct connection to the port. This may only be used by users with write access to the port, as it permits reprogramming the modem.

Otherwise, if the argument begins with a digit, it is taken to be a phone number to call.

Otherwise, it is taken to be the name of a system to call.

The `-z' or `--system' options may be used to name a system beginning with a digit, and the `-c' or `--phone' options may be used to name a phone number that does not begin with a digit.

The cu program locates a port to use in the UUCP configuration files. If a simple system name is given, it will select a port appropriate for that system. The `-p', `--port', `-l', `--line', `-s', and `--speed' options may be used to control the port selection.

When a connection is made to the remote system, cu forks into two processes. One reads from the port and writes to the terminal, while the other reads from the terminal and writes to the port.

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